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Upset Status: Feeling upset is a normal part of life and there are times when alone is the best place to be. There are many types of Mood in Man when they are happy then in a happy mood, When sad then he is sadness mood. There are many people who also want to show their mood in Whatsapp status so today I am Publish an Article on Upset Mood Status for WhatsApp.

Upset Status

Latest Collection Upset Status in English

The 💪strongest hearts💕 have the most 😱scars.

Don’t❌ get upset over things that don’t👎 matter.

I know my 🙇silence and my😢 tears will heal my pain.

I never ❌stopped loving. I just stopped showing👌 it.

The more I find👨 myself, the more people👪 I lose.

You can’t break 💔a heart that’s already💥 broken!!

If you lose 👩someone but find yourself, you 👍won.

Loneliness 🙆doesn’t kill but sometimes I wish 👦it did.

The quieter 👨you become, the more you can 👂hear.

Some humans👫 are bad at being 💑human.

I wish we👪 could choose which memories to 💑remember.

When someone makes you👧 an option. Make them a👟 memory.

There is No❌ Shortcut for Success👍 in life.

So many words to say👄 and no ways to say 👪them.

My silence 🙇is just another word for my😨 pain.

Missing you comes in waves, and tonight I’m drowning.

Feeling Upset Status in English

I killed a part💔 of me to keep you👩 alive.

My brain🙇 and this world🌎 don’t fit each other.

Never put your👨 own happiness in someone 👩else hands👊.

My tears😭 explain the words I fail to 👄speak.

I don’t care for 👪Those, who don’t care for 👩me.

Smile 😃and no one will see how broken💔 you are inside.

Sometimes I don’t even understand 👎myself.

My life feels like a test✐✐ I didn’t study for.

Did I change, or did you just stop❌ loving me?

But they all didn’t see the lit bit of 😢sadness in me.

Don’t stop❌ loving people when you’re upset or 😡angry.

The secret of happiness… is to have a bad memory!

I lost my 🔏mind trying to understand👪 yours.

I’ve been having a lot of bad 💏days lately.

I don’t want to be 👎alone, I want to be left 👍alone.

I wish I could ignore you👩 as you ignore me.

Upset Status in English

One of the 🔑keys to happiness is a bad 🔎memory.

I feel I’m😍 missing, something in my😎 life these days.

I’m often 👦silent when I’m screaming😨 inside.

Feelings are just 👫👪visitors, let them come and go.

Don’t let little stupid👎 things break your😄 happiness.

There’s a reason 👪why I keep it all inside.

I’m exhausted from trying to be stronger💪 than I feel.

I’m 👏sorry if I changed👩 but you changed👦 too.

We were 💑a perfect match but sadly matches 💥burn.

No one understands my 😢pain and that 😱hurts.

Happiness is good health👍 and a bad 👎memory.

The mind 😎replays what the heart 💖can’t delete.

I fall too fast that’s why I hurt😎 too much.

I’m not alone👨 because loneliness is always👪 with Me.

Forgive yourself for loving 👩them a wrong❌ person.

I would say 👍I’m okay, but I’m done👄 lying.

In reality, no one 👫cares, they’re just curious.

Temporary 😄happiness isn’t worth long-term 😭pain.

The expectation💋 is the root of all 💞heartache.


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