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Best and Popular Romantic status in English for Boy Friends and Girl Friends. So today I will Share with you the Best Forever Romantic Status in English With You. Status of romantic WhatsApp Many people want the WhatsApp status love for Her Boyfriend or Girlfriend. So the big and Cool Collection of Romantic status in English is Given Below.

Romantic Whatsapp Status

Latest Collection of Romantic Status in English

Feels like half 🌓of me is missing & I hate💔 this feeling.

Misery is what a lover💑 feels when the person he👨loves is no longer in the room🏠

If I know what love😘 is it is because of you👦. Please be with👫 me & love me always.

The joy to be found in winter🌧🌈season is easily found with💑you👉

Loving😘you👉is like breathing. How can I stop ❌it?

Your presence👩in my life brings smiles😄& happiness, loving thought within my heart💘

When I first saw you👉I fell in love with 💑you & you smiled 😃because of you knew.

I love you forever💓Doesn’t seem to express the lasting love💖 I have for you👉

One of the greatest happiness’s 😍😘in my life is making you smile👩

Love is a feeling 😘😍that is felt deep in the heart💘 & I feel it for you👉

The beginning of all the knowledge 📚📙& passion 👗👓in love starts with one thing a loving heart💘💓

Falling in love💑 with you👉is the 2nd best thing in the world🌏Finding you is the 1st.

Maybe I am too late to be your👉 1st. But right now, I’m preparing myself to be your👉 last.

All I really want is for you👉 to hug🤗me tight & tell me everything’s going to be alright✅

If you were thinking about someone👩 while studying📔📚📙 you’re in love.😎

You👉are on my mind now✌& always. You👉are the sweetest song 🎹🎺🎻that only my ears can hear👂

Love is a blind🙈 whore with mental disease & no sense of humor😎

Romantic Status For Girlfriend

I never wish to be parted from you👉 from this day on😍

Close your eyes👀 & I will kiss💋 you👉 then tomorrow I will miss you😍

Life is good = no jealousy + no worries + no doubts = true love.

I can’t stop ❌thinking about you👉 today, tomorrow, always😍

When I talk to you👉 the rest of the word suddenly fades away😎

Some love 1👩 some love 2👨👨 I love one👸 That is you👉

Our bond is stronger 💪than the sun 🌞& sweeter than the bird’s 🐦🐦song.

There are no ❌rules when it comes to love💋 – just values.

When you👉 really care about someone👩their happiness matters more than yours👦

Experience has shown me that you👉 can lust over many, but only truly love one person😍

Love my life because it gave me you👉 I love you💑 because you are my life👍

My love💓for you👉 is a journey that starts at forever & ends at never in life😎

If love 💋was a storybook📖 we’d meet on the very first page👣

Every love story📜 is beautiful💋 but ours is my favorite💏

My eyes👀literally turn to hearts💗when I see you.

You have made me a more caring person👨as my feelings for you👉 are inexplicable & inexpiable.

Making me happy does not❌ require a lot of effort your👉 presence is just enough.

You can replace me👩 but you can’t replace the memories👫💑💏 you had with me👍

You either love me💏or you don’t❌ But, no matter what you👉 choose,I will always love you💋

Romantic Status for Boyfriend

True love💖 & happy endings don’t❌exist. True love is the one thing that has no ending at all👌

Life’s most beautiful things are not seen with eyes👀 but fell with the heart.💖

I love you👉with all my tummy, I could say heart💘but my tummy is much bigger.

The more we💑 filled with thoughts of lots the less➖find true romantic love.

One day I caught myself smiling😍for no reason then I realized I was thinking of you👩

Let us flip the coin💸 & see. Head I am yours👉 Tail you are mine.👈So, we won’t lose💑

No matter where you👉 go or what you do👍 my love💘 will follow you👉 to the ends of the earth🌎

You must always love💏 the person👨that deserves it most not the person👨that requires it.

My favorite place in the world🌎is lying in your arms💪 gazing into your beautiful eyes👀

Love is heat 🌞You are sweet🍰When two lips💋are meet each other. Then love is complete.

Nothing in this world🌏 is impossible except that idea that I could stop❌ loving😍 you👉

You 👉are the prince👸 I’ve dreamt of finding ever since I was a little girl👧

I have tested many sweet dishes🍧🍨🍪🍦 but all they are not as sweet as my lover’s lips💋

It is true that my heart💗 always skips a beat💞 when you take me the name.

A person 👨who loves you👉 truly will never let you👉 go whatever the situation is.

The bridge🌉between happiness😍& our soul😎is forged with love.

Romantic Status for Husband

I really hate my heart💘 Because it lives inside me👈 but beats only 4 you👉

Someone asked me❓how is your life. I just smiled & replied her👩 she👧 is fine👌

Love is like air. We can’t 👀see it, but we can feel😋 it.

I know👍I am in love with you👉because my reality is finally better than my👈 dreams.

Love never fails👎& when it fails in life, then it has not been loving💏

Love doesn’t make the world🌍go around. Love is what makes the ride🚴 worthwhile.

You lift👫 me up to new levels,make me feel things I have never felt before.

There comes a time ⌚in life when you must go into battle together to fight👊 for love.

You 👉are my life & you👉 are the only thing that would hurt 💔to lose. I love you👉 more than ever.

If a kiss💋 could tell you👉 how much I love💖 you👉 I am sure we would be kissing 💏forever.

The person👨who makes you👉 happiest is the person👩 who can hurt you👉 the most.

I’m 99% sure that she👩 doesn’t like👍me👈but it’s the 1% that keeps me going.

Being deeply loved💏by someone gives you👉strength💪 while loving someone deeply gives you courage👊

When you kissed 💋me with love 💘in your heart 💕you owned my soul.

Love is like the sun🌞which coming out from the clouds⛅🌤🌥& warming your soul.

Romantic Status for Wife

The most magical moments👫💏 are those when you👉 forget yourself✌ in the job of someone’s presence👩

I can’t imagine my👈life without you👉 It would be empty❤ dark❤ & void 💔of love.

I never could have accomplished what I have today without the love💗I feel from you💏

Sometimes I wish I could read your👉 mind. But then I wonder if I could h&le the truth😎

I fell in love because of your👉smile😇but I stayed in love because of your heart💘

There is no difference between a wise man👴& a fool👨 when they fall in love💑

Your eyes 👀are the sweetest😘 stars⭐🌟🟆in the world🌎I’ve ever seen.

When I met you, you knocked me down & then your presence in my life picked me right back up.

You are the reason👩for me to wake up⏰each day with a smile😄 & thank god🙏

I wish😍you to know that you👉 have been the last dream of my soul😎

I have seen only you👉I have admired only you👩 & I desire only you👩

You may hold my 👫h& for a while, but you hold my💏heart forever.

A quote is the only✌way I can try & express my feelings😘for you👉

It’s better to have loved😘 & lost than never to have loved at all.😎

A hundred💯 hearts💗💘 would be too few to carry all my love😘for you👉

True 😍love comes once in a not❌miss it, open your eyes👀 & your heart💘

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