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Today I am going to share with you a Best Love Hurt Status for WhatsApp. Love Hurts Status will let you realize the part of being Hurt. Somewhere in Life, All of US has experienced Heartbroken. Whenever Someone Hurts You, The Best Thing You can do is Move One. This Can Be Happen Anytime. So, Here We have a Collection of Some Best Love Hurts.

Hurt Whatsapp Status

Latest Collection Of Hurt Status For Whatsapp

The person 👨who makes you happy is the person👦 who can harm you.

He taught me how to love but now to stop.

The most painful goodbyes👏 are never to say and unexplained.

Expecting more is the way you👉 can harm 👍yourself.

I act as I am not 😄concerned, but on the inside, it 😭hurts.

I lose 👩you, but I can’t call📱 it because it can only hurt me.

They hurt me😢 and I kindly hurt 👪them.

You 👩don’t know how easy it is to 😄laugh.

The bad feeling is to say 🙏goodbye to those you want to spend ⏰every minute.

1-day you see what you 💎lost. That day I see what I’ve 💰earned.

Forgetting those👪 who hurt you yesterday but forget about those who love👩 you softly today.

It’s a very painful 😢memory. When I leave you.

Some people💑 don’t know how much a person👨 can have a problem.

I always love💕 That’s my problem.

They’ll👫 lose out on their blessings.

Elsewhere. Do not satisfy the 😥pain you suffer.

It’s easy to say that you’re mad👶 rather than agreeing to hurt it.

The ones✌ that really hurt you deeply are what 👩you like.

Sometimes I am not angry 😡I am hurt 💔and there’s a big difference.

Hurt Status Message

Everything happens for one reason.

Sometimes I’m good to be 😔alone. No one 😍hurts me.

Better to be alone 😢than to play with the ❌wrong people.

I love crying😭 in the rain. ☔ Because I cannot hear the pain.

Sometimes wrong❌ choices bring us to the ✅right places.

Show more of your👉 feelings, more people can find ways to hurt 👧you.

You are 👩always in me, so you give me the 💪courage to stand up.

When you hurt💔 those who love you-you will be ruined.

Forgiveness cannot be forgotten. This will allow you to hurt yourself.

Why hurt👩 someone who didn’t even 👩hurt you.

Once upon a time, I was falling in 💓love, but now I’m just 💕falling off.

Smile😄 You envy you👉 to be happy without 👩him.

If You love😘 me won’t you👩 let me know?

People 👪who hide their feelings are generally 😎more concerned.

If You fall in 👩love, you Will get💔 hurt. That’s life.

It’s not your👉 fault to hurt me. You do not think me.

Smile😄 and no one will see how💔 broken you are inside.

It’s not wrong ❌to love him but think he 😍loves me.

Do not ask why someone👨 hurts you. Ask yourself why you 👩would like them.

Friendship Hurt Status for WhatsApp

Nothing is more painful 😢than realizing everything👍 you have, and you have nothing.

Sometimes ⏰we cannot change things 👫to change us.

If you must 😢cry me, at least tear😭 off the tears

I do not understand 💓love. I guess its beauty👸 just started.

Do not break 💔anyone’s heart. They are the only 👩one. Break their bones🍖 for them 206.

You will always👩 be hurt now you👩 start caring.

It is painful to see what I’m still😃 alive.

If you leave 👩without a reason don’t come back with an👍 excuse.

Sometimes it’s best to be alone😔 Nobody hurts you.

The deepest 👪people are the most👫 wounded.

The person 👦you care about is a person who is more painful to 👸you.

See the one you love👩 is unhappy with 😎you.

Sometimes, laughing 😄to hide your fear😱 and laugh😄 to hide your 😢tears.

Bad pain when you are smiling😄 to prevent tears😢 from falling.

The truth hurts for a while, but it can 💪damage life.

You can expect a person👨 to hurt and 😘😘love you.

Hurting Status for Boyfriend

You’re scared 😱of getting hurt.

When I start trusting👩 someone, they show me why I should👎 not.

Never put your happiness in someone else’s hands.

Hurt me👊 with the truth, but do not comfort me with 👄lies.

Following the people 👫who harm you will make 👨you do that.

When I close my eyes👀 I see you, when I open my 👀eyes I lose 👩you.

Love is like air🎈 we cannot see it. But we can feel🔮 it.

You should not deceive your 💎loyalty.

I do not know what to say 👎sometimes. Now is one of those ⌚times.

You are👩 forever in my heart💗stay away, or the time⏰ we are separating.

I laugh😄 when I hurt myself even though I’m really👊 in pain.

The easiest 👍way to do not 👎hurt is to care 😍but it’s hard to do.

Sometimes 👪people who want you 👩to be hurt do not care if they 👫hurt you.

My silence😔 is just another word for my pain😢 and Hurt.

When someone 👩is in your heart 💓it hurts but you do not have to be in your 👫hands.

Hurt Friendship Status

The most painful 🙏goodbye never spoke 👄and never👎 explained.

People 👫leave easily but leave their memories forever with 👪us.

When your 🏃feet are tired, move on with your 💘heart.

Yes, I fell in love💘, but you did not catch me.

It may leave👎 but sometimes it hurts to 👫hold.

Do not give up✌ someone and you cannot spend the day without 😎thinking.

Love 💏is like heaven. But it hurts👊 like hell.

It really hurts when someone starts to take your life in one’s life.

See me👨 You see who I really am, but you never know 👦me.

I do not care to fall in 💖love. I’m afraid to fall into the wrong 👨person again.

Instead of playing with 👩bad people, it’s good to stay😢 single.

I’m coming 🏃too fast, sorry very sorry, very sorry, so take care too.

You only get 💔hurt if you give a 😎fuck.

One day when I’m going👍 I know how much you👩 have.

I think you’ll know how to hurt you👉 are to me every day.

Hurt👊 is one of the ways to find your💪 energy.

Hurt WhatsApp Status

It’s so strange👦 that autumn is so beautiful💏, yet everything is dying.

It’s not sad😢 when you get too damaged, and finally, I can say ‘I’ve 😎used it’.

The truth may be hurt💔 for some time, but the lie is 💀permanently hurt.

Because people are the weak 😢cry. It’s too long because they are.

Trust you killed 💀 love will hurt you👨 and you hate being real.

I’m away from ✌one that I want to hold in my 💪arms.

I hate breaking💔I hate that I cannot go back.

Waiting for you👩 is like waiting for ⛆rain in a drought.

I wonder😮 if You know what you are doing👙 to me

Sometimes you👧 are the most trusted person who will trust 👩you at least.

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