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Hate You Status: Hate is an emotional feeling of dislike, it’s deep and most times it might be extreme. Hate can result from being treated in a very bad way by somebody that you never thought can do much to you. Hate can be directed to ideas, behaviors, individuals, objects, and entities. When you hate someone or something, you tend to have a feeling of anger, hostility, disposition, and disgust toward such an individual or something.

Hate You Status

Latest Collection Hate You Status in English

I don’t have time⌚ to hate people because. I’m busy loving 💑people who love me.

It hates when people👪 can run their mouths👄 behind your👍 back.

I don’t have your attitude😎 I have my own.

Don’t hate me👦 because I’m beautiful, hate me because your 👨boyfriend thinks I am.

I absolutely hate👩 it when my seat belt gets 😎stuck.

If someone👨 hates, you for no reason. Well, give them one good 👍one.

If I had known it would hurt😢 this much, I never would have told 👄you I love 👩you.

No matter how long you👩 know someone, they eventually show their true 💙💚colors.

I hate you👩 with the same amount of passion 💃that I once loved💑 you with.

No, I don’t hate👦 you, I just hate the things you do💪👊 and have done.

It’s like I hate him👦 but love him at the same👍 point.

I just want to punch 👊a wall as hard as I can. I hope I miss, and it hits your👩 face.

At first, I got sad, 😢then I got mad, then I got tired and now I’m 😉exhausted.

We are never ever getting back👫 together.

Tell me what you’re🙇 thinking. Don’t dedicate a song🎵🎶 so I must guess!!

If you hate 😱sarcasm, then stop❌ asking stupid questions.

Hate You Status

It’s better to alone😟 than to be with looser.

I know you won’t come 👧back but my heart💞 will take life long time⏰ to accept this.

Life without ❌mistakes is like, education without 📚📙books.

People are jealous👎 not because they hate you it’s because they hate👫 themselves.

Love💓 is that first feeling you feel before all the bad👎 stuff gets in the👍 way.

I honestly hate 👍knowing that I will never have👩 you.

I tell you I like you all the ⌚time. Or at least in my😎 head, I do.

Famous teenager lines, “I hate 👎everything”.

Smile 😄in front of people who hate😄 you. Your👩 happiness kills them.

There’s always one-person 👦that everybody else loves 💑but you HATE.

I hate how I let the dumbest👩 things bother me 👧sometimes.

My attitude😎 depends on the people👪 in front of me.

I love you👩 more than words can define, feelings can 👄express, and thought can imagine.

Waiting for someone 👸else to make you 👦happy, is the best way to be 😢sad.

I hate everything about you👩 and your drama oh and that new slut👏 you have.

It’s not that I hate you👎 oh wait I do hate👩 you.

I Hate You Message

I hate❌ when people👫 watch me using the 💻computer.

Did I forget to mention I hate being taken for a cunt?!

I can be your👩 enemy with as much passion💃 and devotion as I can be your 👫friend!

I love my 👪family, friends so much. But not as much💞 as you love👩 yourself!

Stupidity😎 is not a crime, so you are free 😄to go.

I hate you for the sacrifices👍 you made for👦 me.

Jealousy is ugly – that would explain your👦 face.

I hate you for the way you smile😃 when you look at me.

You👩 hate me?! Wow, I didn’t even know you👩 existed.

How can I believe👏 if in the middle of “believe” was the word👄 LIE?

I hate you, and you👦 and you too. Now try and figure👸 out who this status is about!

Unsaid 👄words can mean anything and🌎 everything.

No matter how much I say I hate you, just know I still care.

People don’t like to see 👩you bless they want you to stay 👪on their level.

It is better to be hated for what you👧 are than to be loved for what you are👨 not.

I hate myself for still 🙇thinking about 👩you.

If you👨 can’t understand my silence 👦you will never understand my👄 words.

Don’t spend time ⌚with person those you don’t like.

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