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Hi Friends, Today I am Going to share with you an Emotional Status for WhatsApp and Facebook In English. All you know that WhatsApp is the top messaging apps which are used by the millions of people. Many people show their mood by writing status in WhatsApp like attitude sad and love Emotional status etc. So, you can collect the Emotional Quotes and Emotional Status for WhatsApp in the English Language is given below.

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Latest Collection Of Emotional Status In English

I am not a victim💀 of emotional conflicts. I am human👦

Sick of crying, 😢 tired of trying👎yes, I’m smiling😄 but inside I’m dying💀

Emotions😰 have taught mankind to reason.

The truth👄 hurts for a little while but lies hurt for a lifetime. 👍

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. No one can hurt you.

Our emotions😢 are the driving🚴 powers of our lives.

I hate it👊 when I have so much to say👄, but I can’t put in words.

Just like children👭emotions heal when they are heard😎 and validated.

If you fall in love💕 Be ready for the tears😭

When I miss you😍 I re-read our old messages and smile😄 like an idiot😎

They ignore you👉 until they need👦 you.

Maybe it’s not about the happy ending👍. Maybe it’s about the story🖉

Never do any argument👄 with a person who is 😥emotional.

Smile😄 and no one will see how broken💔 you are inside.

Best friends👫 make the good times⏰ better and the hard times easier.

It’s hard to forget someone 👸who gave you so much to remember.

Emotional Status for WhatsApp

If a hug🤗 tells how much I love you😘 then I would hold you in my arms 💪forever.

I am sick💉💊 and tired of being strong💪

The more we are filled with love💖 the less room there is for hate.

Sometimes the questions❓ are complicated, and the answers are simple😎

God 🙏only makes happy😍 endings. If it’s not happy😨 then it’s not the end.

You’ll just never know so many emotion😄😡😢s I choose not to show.

People don’t❌ buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional 😭😢reasons.

The advantage of the emotions😧 is that they lead us astray.

Being single👧 is smarter than being in the wrong relationship. 💑

It’s sad how people👪👫 become what they had promised👏 they never will.

God🙏 is closest to those people who have broken hearts💔

The saddest😧 thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies💀

Great advertising👍 is the expression of deep 😅emotional sincerity.

People👫 hate those who make them feel their own👦 inferiority.

Trust takes years to build seconds⏰ to break and forever to repair.

Never waste your feelings on someone👦 who doesn’t value them.

Emotional Status for Friends

I envy people that know love💕 That have someone who takes them as they 👫are.

The world🌎 is a tragedy to those who feel👩 but a comedy to those who👦 think.

The best part about walking🏃 in the rainiest that no one knows you are 😢crying

Never let your👉 emotions overpower your intelligence👍

That feeling when you look👀 back and realize you made the wrong choice. 👧

It really hurts when somebody👦 else starts taking your 👨place in someone’s life.

Her heart💓 finally told her to stop❌ wasting her time.

I feel so far away from the one👧 I wish to hold in my💪 arms.

204 countries, 🌍 805 islands, 7 seas, 🌍 7+ billion people and I’m single.

Do not look👀 where you fell but where you 👉slipped.

Our feelings😃😍 are our most genuine paths to 📚knowledge.

You know what friends👫 or polite nature to others always hurts🔪 you.

Never blackmail people👫 by using an emotional😰 weapon.

My silence😐 is just another word for my 😭pain.

With each passing day,😎 I’m finding out more and more who my real friends👪 are.

I am not happy😃 without you👨

Emotional love status

Everyone wants to escape👀 sometimes.

After all, how can you run🏃 from what’s inside 👉you?

The worst kind of pain😫 is when you’re smiling😄 to stop the tears😢 from falling.

The part data hurts😣 me da most, is knowing data I once had you👉 and then lost you.

Your sweet memories are worth😢 pain.

Here’s my heart💗 I’ll let you break it💔

If I get jealous😎 then yes, I really like 👧you.

Silent people😐 have the greatest 💘heart.

Here I go faking smiles😃 again.

She👩 didn’t know who would leave or stay so she pushed👨 them all away.

Why does life keeps teaching me lessons📝 that I’ve no desire to learn?

Your emotions😢 trouble you only in those things which you👉 call yours.

It’s hard to answer the question what’s wrong❌ when nothing’s right✅

The most painful😰 memory is that when I walk away from you🏃, but you let me go.

I hate the moment when suddenly my anger😡 turns into 😢tears.

I’m invisible👍 until someone needs 👧me.

Emotional WhatsApp Status for Boyfriend

Learn how to tolerate pain💪 not just physical but emotional😢 as well.

When you have lived long in despair👍it’s hoped that you can’t stand 🚶anymore.

Always the best smile😄comes out with tears😢

Sleep😴 just doesn’t sleep💤 anymore, it’s an escape.

Sometimes, you must smile😃 to hide your fears😨 and laugh to hide your 😢tears.

Pain😨 is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still 😎alive.

Missing someone 😍+ no text from them =👊worst feeling.

Never build your emotional😢 life on the weaknesses of 👩others.

Sometimes one hello👋 makes you never want to say goodbye.

I hide my pain😪 with a smile. 😄

One thing☝ you can’t hide is when you’re crippled😢 inside.

Is feeling a little smug today. Small and blue💙

Every time I start trusting someone 👩they show me why I shouldn’t.

Sometimes you👉 need to run🏃 away just to see who will follow you.

No one 👎can make you feel inferior without your👉 consent.

Sometimes emotional moments melt our 💗hearts and sometimes make us 😢cry.

The more you care 💕the more it hurts👊

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