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My key🔑 to dealing with stress is simple just stay cool & stay focused😎

In my house,🏠I’,m the boss👍my wife👩 is just the decision maker😎

It’s funny how people say they miss😍 you👉 but don’t even try to see you👩

Get as rude💪👊 as possible & don’t let anyone tell you👉 how to live.

Yes, I am smiling😄 & you’re👉 not the reason👩 anymore.

I salute 👋all my hater with my middle✌ finger.

The best dreams 😍happen when eyes👀 are opened.

I want my girlfriend👩 like google, she 👸will understand me better.

Friends👫 come & go, but enemies remain & build up😎

My attitude 😎will always be based on how you👉 treat me👩

English Cool Status

It’s not an attitude😎 it’s the way I am👨

Beauty👸 fades after a time⌚ but personality💪 is forever.

Not always available👩 Try your luck👎

If a hug🤗 tells you how much I love you👉I would hold you in my 👫arms forever.

Buy my alarm⏰ clock & you will sleep😴 soundly.

Respect those who deserve👍 it not demand👊 it.

I am so single👨 that for me means grandfather👴

I tried to be normal😎 Worst two minutes of my life👍

Sometimes all you👉 need is love💑 Lol, just kidding😎you need money💸💲

All the girls👧👩👸 are my sisters except you👉

I may be the real bad boy👦but baby👸 I’m a real good man👨

A sense of humor😎 makes a man handsome😍

I am not arguing👄 I’m simply explaining why I am right✅

I’m sorry 😢that I’m not updating my Facebook status, my cat🐈 ate my mouse🐁

I’m glad I don’t have to hunt my own food🍱🍲I don’t even know where’s &⏳wiches live.

Cool Status for Instagram

Anyone can be cool😎but awesome takes practice.

Self-confidence👍 is the best outfit, rock it & own it.

I’m jealous of my parents👪 I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

Every problem comes with the solution👍 but my GF👩 doesn’t have.

Can I borrow a kiss💑 I promise I’ll give it back?💋

We all are born to die💀 don’t feel more special than me👦

If you are bad👍then call me your dad.

Phones📱are better than GF👩at least we can switch it off📴

Dear lord,🙏 there is a bug in your software. It’s called Sunday, please fix it😎

If life is not smiling 😄at you👉 give it a good tickling.

Please, trust👏 me data I don’t trust you👉 at all.

The only reason I am fat👳 is that a tiny body 💪couldn’t store all this personality.

Dream😴as if you’ll live forever. Live as if tomorrow is the last one.👍

Cool Status for FB

Do not give up👍 the beginning is always the hardest.

Life is like riding a bicycle🚴 to keep your balance, you👉 must keep moving.

Before you,👉 a judge makes sure you are perfect👍

I don’t need a hair👱 stylish my pillow gives me a new hairstyle💇 every man.

When I was born. The devil💀 said, oh shit. Competition.

I’m not the kind of person 👨who tries to be cool👼 or trendy, I’m an individual.

A good laugh😃 & long sleep😴 are two best cures for anything

If I delete your👉 number 866*****54 you’re👉 basically deleted␡ from my life.

Its good thing to feel like you👉must prove something.

Behind a successful man,👨 there’s passion & hard work, not always a woman👩

I felt like an animal🐫🐆🐄 & animals🐃🐂 don’t know sin, do they?

Cool Status for Boys

Life is the journey🚌I am the traveler🚴

A business👮👷 that makes nothing👎 but money💸 is a poor business.

I got less👎 but I got best👍

Only fools👨👦 fall in love💏 & I think, I am✌ one of them

I wish my parents 👪were like google. They should understand me even before I complete😎

Sugar factories🏥🏤🏣 are situated under girl’s👸 FB statuses

Keep calm😊the & just chill😍

He👨 is very poor because he has only money.💸 Cool

God🙏 is creative, I mean. Just look at me.

Save water💦💧 & drink beer🍻🍺

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Wife👩 & insult 👊are somewhat similar, they always look good👍 if it is not yours.

When I die💀 I want my grave to offer free🆓 wi-fi so that people visit more often.

I love 💘listening lies when I know the truth👄

Please don’t get confused between my attitude😎 & personality.💪

Dear Math❌➗➖➕ please grow up & solve your own problems😢I’m tired of solving them for you👉

Get up😴 every morning, imagine a future then make it happen😘

Some people👪 need to open their small minds instead of their big mouths👄

If people are talking behind your back👈 be happy that you👉are the one in front.

Your looks don’t make you👉 beautiful, it’s the person inside who makes you beautiful😍

Cool Status for Girls

I’m the guy👨 you👉 will hate & your👉 sisters👩👧👸 will date.

Just saw the smartest person👨 when I was in front👨 of the mirror.

Awesome😍 ends with me👈 & ugly starts with you👉

Real beauty 😍is to be true to oneself👧That’s what makes me feel good👍

Always smiling😃 because your smile 😄is a reason for many others to smile😅😅 Smile, please.

Try to solve your problem yourself👊💪Don’t depend on others👪

It’s my life so keep your nose 👃out of it.

Time ⏰is the precious waste it wisely.

Love your haters, they are your biggest fans.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying👍

Your attitude 😎can hurt me👩 but mine can kill you👨

It’s cool 🆒to be different &  just be who you👉 are & shock people👪👫 in a good way.

Behind every successful man👨 is a surprised woman👸

Do you👉 hate drama? Cool. Stop❌ starting it

Walk🚶like you are the king.👨 Or walk, like you don’t care who is the king😎Do what’s right✅ not easy😎

No matter how strong💪 a person you👉 are, there’s always someone 👩who can make you weak👎

Math rule-: if it seems easy✔ you are doing it wrong❌

Warning ⚠ I know karate & few other oriental words.

I’ll hit you👉 so hard even google🌏 won’t able to find you👉

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