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The lines describing a strange behavior of a person or reflecting the negative thoughts about someone are said to be the angry status. When you Get angry on someone these type of Angry Status for WhatsApp in English will be very useful for you. Peoples become Angry very fast because of a lot of pressure of Boss and other things. So today I am sharing Angry Status for Whatsapp and Short Angry Quotes with all of your friends. You can share these Angry Status and Anger Quotes on Facebook and Whatsapp When you’re in the Angry mood.

Angry Whatsapp Profile Picture

Latest Collection of Angry Status In English

Anger😡 blows out the lamp of the mind😎.

Silence😌 Is the Best Way to React While Angry😠.

An angry man opens his mouth👄, I am not in my greatest mood today😎.

People👪 Change. Things Go Wrong❌. Shit Happens. But Life Goes On.

Just because I’m being quiet😎, that doesn’t mean I’m mad👍.

Don’t Make Me Angry😠 and Change Your Status👉.

Anger😠 always comes from frustrated expectations😍.

The Best Revenge Is to Be Unlike Hi Who Performed the Injury.

Forget what hurt💔 you, but never what it taught you.

Never regret something that once made you👉 smile😄.

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die💀.

Even the Nicest People👪 Have Their Limits.

the fastest horse 🏇🐎🐴cannot catch a word spoken in anger😠.

When you👉 stopped❌ believing in me👈, But You Changed Too.

It’s Just A Chapter📄📕 in Your Life, Turn the Page📖 and Move On.

Angry Status for the boyfriend

I Miss😍 You👉 That True but It Doesn’t Mean I Forget Your Lies👄.

Never Go to Bed🛏 Angry, Stay Awake and Plot Your Revenge😎.

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk.

I Am If I Changed and Anger😠 is fear😱 in disguise.

Yes, I Am Smiling😃 but You👉 Are Not the Reason Anymore👍.

Hating Me Won’t Make You Pretty.

Don’t❌ get mad – Just get even.

Anger is never without a reason, But seldom with a good👍 one.

Some Things👫💑 Can Never Be Forgotten & Nor Forgiven🙏.

Anger makes dull men👨 witty, but it keeps them poor👎.

My Attitude😎 Will Always Be Based on How You👉 Treat Me.

More expectations break✂ relations💑

When you👉 stopped❌ believing in me, I did too

Sometimes I’m not angry😠, I’m hurt😌, I did too.

Tell the Truth, Or Eventually, Someone Will Tell It for You👉.

Angry Status for Girlfriend

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.

I Hope Karma Slaps👋 You in The Face👨 Before I Do.

Anger😠 Tears😥 Me Up Inside. My Own.Or Anyone Else’s😎.

A Quick Temper👊 Will Make A Fool 😇of You Soon Enough.

It’s Easier to Say You’re👉 Mad Than to Admit You’re Hurt😭.

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm💪.

Sometimes I am just not in the mood😕 to talk.

Anger 😡Is My Power💪 So Don’t Make Me Angry😠.

Anger is just one letter🅰🅱🅲 short of DANGER💀.

I Hate❌ the Moments When Suddenly My Anger😠 Turns into Tears😥.

Anger is short lived madness😬.

I Am Not in A Bad😌 Mood, Everyone Is Just Annoying👍.

If Someone Is Angry with You and You Laugh at them, You Win.

Don’t Judge Someone Just Because They Seen Differently😎 Than You👌.

When People Get Angry😠 with Him👦, I Remind Them That He’s Kid👸.

Angry Short Status

Nobody👪 makes you👉 angry😠, you decide to use anger😡 as a response.

Anger😠 as soon as fed is dead, its starving makes it fat.

We Met💑 for A Reason, Either You’re A Blessing or A Lesson📙.

Life is a Bitch until you Are rich.

Some friends👪 are like pennies👙. Two-faced & worthless.

There’s No Excuse. For Cheating in A Relationship💑.

You Blocked Me on Facebook & Now You’re Going to Die.

Beware, there’s a lot to make you👉 angry😠.

You Should Make A Woman👩 Angry😠 If You Wish Her to Love💕.

Don’t Make So Many Promises👏 When You👉 Can’t Even Keep One✌.

Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can’t last.

By God, people are complicated.

Anger dwells only✌ in the bosom of fools😎.

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