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Feeling guilty over any mistake? Say everything with Sorry Status for Whatsapp, Everyone wants to say sorry someone. so I m sharing Top sorry status for WhatsApp.Forgiveness is a thing of the heart we know but there are things that move the heart. If you have hurt someone so close to you or a colleague at the office or maybe a schoolmate, you can ask for their forgiveness by the use of sorry and forgiveness status, this is a great means to make up the difference between both of you. That you can use if you are under this category.
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Nice Collection Of Sorry Status in English

Sorry mates. I could not arrive at the right time to attend the meeting.
During this entire time, I never meant to be indifferent or aloof. I just wanted to be with you. Forgive me.
I am sorry. I wish I could build the same trust in you for me.
I have learned that sometimes 'sorry' is not enough. Sometimes you must change.
Be honest and positive in your intention whether n you say sorry.
One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.
Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.
Sick of crying tired of trying yeah, I am smiling but inside I'm dying.
I wish I could be what you want, but I can’t and I’m sorry.
I am sorry; really, I was mocking to make fun but never meant to hurt you.
Just saying sorry gives no permission to continue hurting the feelings of the people.
It takes a strong person to say sorry. And an even stronger person to forgive.
I am sorry, I missed to read your message because it got deleted without reading but it was due to a mistake.

Sorry Status for Boyfriend 

My worry, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.
I am sorry. I am unable to understand what you are talking about.
Best apology is when you just not say sorry but also make changes in your behavior and attitude.
I am sorry for the past. I promise you that I would never give up upon you.
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
I am sorry. I pushed you away. You made me feel things. I'd never felt before, I was scared.
How can I begin to say I'm sorry? I didn't mean to upset you. I hope that you can forgive me. I'm sorry.
The word. Sorry. Means nothing unless you prove it.
Sometimes just a sorry statement fails to fix the issues, but it needs changes in behavior along with the sorry state.
If you say sorry when you need to prove it by taking actions and bringing changes.
Let the wife make the husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see him leave.
I know I've hurt you. I didn't mean to. I am so sorry. Please forgive me.
I'm sorry you got offended that one time you were treated the same way you treat everyone all the time.
I am so sorry for my statement and actions, I take my words back, I am hopeful you will forgive me and remain connected with me. I promise you I will not hurt your feelings from now.
If you say sorry with a sincere heart and accept correction, then it is one of your biggest strengths.

Sorry Status for Girlfriend 

I feel sorry for the person who writes terms and conditions nobody read that.
I die every day, every second without you, I miss you.
Hates it when you can feel someone else’s pain & suffering but can’t make it better.
Sometimes sorry just isn’t enough. Even if you mean it with all your heart. 
I was blinded by anger and craziness at that moment, I am sorry; please forgive me.
I am sorry that I lied. But I am not lying when I say sorry. Please forgive me, sweetheart.
An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just about anything.
I am sorry to say that you have been loyal in your friendship.
I’m sorry if sometimes I get a little jealous. Thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could.
I'm sorry but I'm not thinking about you anymore. Because I'm busy thinking about us.
Promise mean everything but after they are broken, sorry means nothing.
I personally apologize to any person who felt anything less than respected and valued by myself.
Please don’t stop talking to me I really care for you. I am sorry for what I did.
Do you believe that things will come on the right track by just by saying sorry?
I'm sorry. I tried being perfect, but it is just not me.
I’m sorry doesn’t automatically fix everything. Apologies can’t fix a broken heart.
I am so sorry; I hope you will forgive me as you did before.
I'm sorry, I love you more than you will ever know.
Never apologize for what you feel. It's like saying sorry for being real.
It takes courage to accept our own faults and say sorry, only a strong person can do this.
Sorry means nothing without the actions to back it up.

Sorry Messages for Girlfriend 

I am sorry if hurt your feelings knowingly or unknowingly.
In some families, please is described as the magic word. In our house, however, it was sorry.
I am sorry for the hardships and suffering I caused you, I feel so bad now and regret.
I know what I did to lose you. And I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. I was blinded. Blinded by my anger please forgive me.
If I say sorry then this doesn’t mean I am admitting my fault, but it means that I am putting my ego aside and giving priority of relationship with you.
Sometimes sorry becomes useless when you don’t take any action along with the sorry state.
Here's to the future because I'm done with the past.
I am sorry for hurting your feeling, I take back my words, I will hope you forgive me.
I'm sorry for being annoying when I want to talk, needy because I miss you, emotional when I care and insecure because I'm afraid to lose you.
Sometimes I get tired by apologizing for the acts I didn’t do.
I'm sorry for being jealous. It's just that I'm afraid of losing the best thing to have ever happened to me.
Don’t say sorry for something you are planning on repeating later.
I’m sorry but nothing can change the fact that you're the definition of a jerk
Hey, I am sorry, forgive me, it was my own fault, I should have not made that comment, I am sorry, now forgive me, please.
Know that every time sorry is not enough to fix everything and just apologies are not enough to heal a broken heart.
I have still great respect for you, I am sorry, please forgive me.
Sorry, I didn't get your message because I deleted it without listening.

Sorry Whatsapp Status for Boyfriend 

And I felt sorry, and I have felt bad about what happened.
If you keep saying sorry but do the same thing repeatedly then saying sorry just becomes another lie.
Saying sorry doesn't mean there isn't guilt and forgiving doesn't mean the pain is gone.
I am sorry for the pain I caused you I feel so bad.
I have a habit of saying sorry because sometimes I say sorry too while I shouldn’t.
Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
I’ve spent my life hearing people trying to apologize for music.
Just want to say sorry to all those who knowingly or unknowingly got hurt by me in 2014.
I cannot forget that I am in love with you. I'm sorry. Here is your key.
I am sorry for unable to help you at the right time.
I am tired of apologizing for the things I didn’t do and to the people who don’t deserve it.
I don’t quite know how to make things better between us, but I can start with I’m sorry. I really am.
It needs a strong person to say sorry, but it needs an even stronger person to forgive and forget.
I am sorry for unable to fulfill the promises and making you sad.
You can back you a sorry statement by acting and bring changes.
I am so sorry. I wish I could go back and change this.
Now I realize that I did wrong this is because I am sorry and feel ashamed, and I ask you to forgive me.
You’ve always been the mature one between us two. I hope you’ll forgive me like you always do.
I wish I would have acted as per desire, but it did not happen like this, so I am sorry and regret.
I am sorry for letting you down, now I regret and feel pain.

Sorry Status for GF in English 

I may be sorry for things I've done, I may be sorry for things I've said, but I'm never sorry for being me.
I’m sorry. I tried being perfect, but it's just, not me.
If you keep saying sorry again and again but doing same error again and again then really this is not a sorry but totally lie, and you have been using sorry to as a weapon to do wrong.
I am sorry for offending you, I promise you from now I am putting my ego aside but relationship at the top.
My lies have caused a lot of pain I promise to. Never do it again. All I want is to see you smile. Forever and ever. Not just for a while. I am sorry.
Just saying sorry is not enough, we need to accept our fault and take quick action to fix the issue for what we are sorry.
I am human, errors occur from the end of humans, I try my best to correct my fault. Sorry. I am not perfect.
Trust me. And. I’m sorry. Are the two phrases that mean absolutely nothing. They are both just lies.
I really hate saying sorry. But when I do, I honestly do mean it.
Saying sorry is important: but not doing the damn thing again is more important.
The best time to make friends is before you need them.
Sees the character of a person in the strength of their apology.
Sorry for the things I am unable to do and say less time I love you.
I’m sorry " means nothing if you continue to do the same wrong repeatedly.
I was wondering if it would be okay to tell you that being together with you forever is what I always wanted.
I'm not perfect. I make mistakes, I hurt people. But when I say sorry, I mean it.
I'm sorry I can't be that perfect girl you've always dreamed of. But I don't know why I'm apologizing. It's your loss, not mine.
I'm sorry that I'm so complicated and mess everything up.
Not the fastest horse can catch a word spoken in the moment of angry.
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